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2007-07-23 Yamaha FZR400 motorcycle stolen

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2007-07-23 Yamaha FZR400 motorcycle stolen


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Next Actions

  • call to check if I can still pick up license plate from SFPD property room
  • deal with incompetent insurance peoples who got nothing done while I was out of town for d.Construct 2007.
  • close down this page and continue with RestoreMotorcycle2007


Someday Maybe


Latest News


  • picked up motorcycle from repair service. total for repairs + towing: $731.38. additional notes on repairs:
    • repaired rear tire (patched from inside)
    • cleared spark plug gaps (seems like what they wrote - not quite readable)
    • full tune-up
    • new ignition key / socket etc.
  • rode it home in the sprinkling rain without incident.
  • parked it in the garage and took photos.



  • motorcycle repair service called and gave estimate for all repairs (including previous diagnostic hours) $600-700.
    • ignition
    • wiring harness
    • carburetors cleaning / tuning
    • rear tire repair / replace
    • headlamp replace
    • radiator refill / leak test
  • authorized go-ahead on repairs.



  • motorcycle towing company towed bike from Pier 70 to motorcycle repair service.
  • motorcycle repair service called and acknowledged receiving the bike.
  • authorized 3 hours labor for full trouble-shooting / diagnostics.



  • spent about an hour on the phone calling various parties (Auto Return, motorcycle repair shop, motorcycle towing services) and figure out steps to proceed.
  • drove to 850 Bryant st. SFPD and signed for release of my bike from storage. requirements:
    • *I* (owner of vehicle) had to appear in person
    • had to present drivers license to prove identity
  • walked half a block to 450 7th st. Auto Return, and paid fees accrued on the bike $410 (towing, storage). and got release papers. gave them name of motorcycle towing service so they could put it into their computer files. requirements:
    • *I* (owner of vehicle) had to appear in person
    • had to present drivers license to prove identity
    • must present *original* release papers to get motorcycle from Pier 70 where bike is at, by 11am Monday (they are closed today and Sunday).
  • contacted motorcycle towing service and had them meet me in person at nearby motorcycle shop
  • gave motorcycle towing service the release papers, instructed them to pick up bike at Pier 70, and tow to repair shop on Monday morning.



  • print, sign, email power of attorney form to insurance agent so I can send him to have bike towed to repair shop and repaired.



  • 11:49am PDT SFPD called and let me know my bike had been found. Need to call back to tell them what to do with it.
  • afternoon PDT SFPD called back again and let me know that:
    • motorcycle was found at 1241 Fulton St.
    • it has been painted black apparently
    • the ignition has been punched
    • license plate was off
    • it has been towed to "Auto Return" (450 7th St.), +1.415-865-8200
    • can also call SFPD Auto Status 24hours for info +1.415.553.1944
  • 15:27 PDT called insurance agent and started claim / recovery process. Will likely involve faxing of documents and such. Insurance agent will email me power of attorney forms so they can direct the towing & repairs as necessary.



  • 2:37pm PDT message left by SFPD "your license plate has been found. call auto status SFPD 553 1944 "
  • 2:38pm PDT message left by SFPD "your rear license plate, not the motorcycle, only the rear license plate has been found. call auto status SFPD 553 1944 ".


I called up SFPD auto status and they said the license plate (just the plate) is in storage now in the property room at 850 Bryant st. They said I could come pick it up, or not bother and it would eventually be destroyed. If I wanted to pick it up though, I should do so before Friday.


I asked where they found it, and the report said they found it at 1160 Battery St.


Original report 2007-07-24

As twittered: http://twitter.com/t/statuses/165448512


My red/white 1989 Yamaha FZR400 motorcycle was not where I parked it on the street in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco as of late last night (7/23) a bit after midnight (see above Twitter datetime stamp).


I last saw it Sunday 7/22 ~5pm PDT.


Unique details:

  • License plate: 12N6787.
  • Odometer: ~20200.
  • VIN: JYA3FHC04KA002218
  • Engine Number: 3FH002218


It looks like this:




With custom Corbin seat (showing lots of wear & tear, foam showing).


Despite being 18 years old, this is a rare bike, as very few 400cc sport bikes were ever imported to the US, and 1990 was the last year they made this bike for the US, which means there is very few of these left on the street at this point.


If you see it please report sighting stolen vehicle to SFPD *immediately*




and mention case number: 070-747-254


I would also appreciate it if you would notify me directly as well:




First to report information directly leading to its recovery gets a $100 reward, no questions asked.


I'll update this page if/when I receive any information about it.









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