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Page history last edited by Tantek 4 years, 10 months ago

8-bit day is the 256th day of the year.


Let's make this an (un)official holiday in honor of all things 8-bit!



on my own domain, most recent first:



Everything below here is 2013 and earlier content kept purely for archival purposes.


short URL: http://ttk.me/w/8bitday

(previously: tr.im/8bitday)



If you start the year with day 0, in the year 2009, 2009-09-13 (or 2009-256) is day number 255 = FF hex = 11111111 binary. 8 bits.  As tweeted on 2009-256., 2010-256, 2012-256.



Use the hashtag #8bitday to tweet, celebrate, discuss 8-bit day on Twitter.






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