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AVI to vlogpost


Step by step instructions on how to convert an AVI file from a Canon SD400 or similar camera to a vlogpost.


prepare mp4 and jpg thumbnail

  • Open iMovie (iMovie HD in my case, which came preinstalled on my iBook G4)
  • Create a new "project" of type "DV"
  • Drag the AVI file into one of the white squares on the right side of the newly created project window
  • Wait a few minutes for iMovie to convert the video (on my iBook G4/1.33GHz/1.5GBRAM it takes about 5 minutes to convert a 30 second AVI file)
  • Drag the converted clip from the white squares area to the timeline at the bottom of the window
  • Choose "Export..." from the "File" menu
  • Click "iPod" at the top of the Export window/dialog
  • Click the "Share" button and wait a few minutes for it to finish "Compressing movie..." (about 3 minutes on my iBook G4 for a 30 second AVI file)
  • Quit iMovie (save project changes if you want, but really there is no reason to, because you can simply duplicate the steps above if you want to recreate the project - not worth wasting 50+ MB)
  • Check your Movies folder for a new .m4v file and change the extension to .mp4 - when the dialog comes up, click "Use .mp4"
  • Copy that .mp4 file from there to where you really want it (e.g. to the folder with the AVI source file)
  • Drag it to a browser window
  • Screenshot the movie player with the desired key frame
  • Rename the screenshot to be same as the movie name .png
  • Open it in Preview
  • Choose "Save As..." from the "File" menu
  • Choose Format "JPEG"
  • Set the Least...Best slider to the middle of the range
  • Click "Save" and save it to the same folder as your movie


upload to bliptv

  • Go to bliptv upload page (login if necessary) That link should take care of:
    • going to blip tv /file/post/
    • Pick a License (e.g. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial)
    • Pick a Genre (e.g. Videoblogging)
  • Pick a vlogpost title (and in a new window, create a new blog post with that title in your blogging tool as well)
  • Choose the .mp4 file
  • Choose the .jpg file
  • Add some more Categories/tags (e.g. vlog vlogpost video should already be there), and also copy/paste them to your newly created blog post.
  • Set Content Rating to "None" to protest their lame "TV-*" taxonomy
  • Event? If this was taken at an Upcoming.org event, find the event using the Event UI.
  • Click "Upload"


while uploading to bliptv

  • Optionally: upload the video ALSO to Revver
    • Go http://revver.com/video/new/
    • select your video with the "Browse..." button and click "Upload"
    • copy and paste the title from your vlogpost
    • copy and paste the tags from your vlogpost
    • enter your blog URL into the Webpage field
    • Save This Video
    • wait for editorial review.


  • Finish writing your blog post in your blogging tool/site and preview it to where you can add HTML.
  • Add some info to the blog post about the video, like:
    • "License" e.g. This video is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 license.
    • "Taken on" with the date (perhaps time) of when you recorded the video, or preferably a link to the event, marked up with hCalendar.
    • "Location" with an ADR of the city and state at least, or preferably an hCard of the venue.
    • "Voice credits" linking to the people who speak (if any) in the video
    • template to copy paste (edit page to view source)



after upload to bliptv finishes

  • Click "Show Advanced Options"
  • Preferred Format: "MPEG4 Video (.mp4)"
  • Copy and paste the code from blip.tv into your blog post (note, I had to change a bunch of the code to make it valid and minimize it)
    • MUST (as in blip.tv should update their code to take care of these)
      • Remove "<center>" tag and extra whitespace at the beginning - <center> is not valid in (X)HTML strict.
      • Remove </center>< from the end - ditto.
      • Replace naked "&" characters (in the script src) with "&amp;" for (X)HTML validity
      • Replace border="0" with class="video-thumbnail" for (X)HTML validity (and add any necessary rules to your style sheet, e.g. img.video-thumbnail { height:240px; width:320px; border:0 } )
      • Remove *duplicate* title="Click To Play" attribute on the img for (X)HTML validity
    • MAY (as in these are my personal preferences)
      • Drop the unnecessary </a><br /><a href="http://blip.tv/file/get/..." onclick="...">Click To Play</a> as it is unnecessary IMHO (or at least collapse the two links into one and eliminate the <br /> inbetween).
  • Right click on the "Go to your post on blip.tv right now!" link on the blip.tv page and "Copy Link Location"
  • cmd-L / select your URL bar and paste
  • Copy the postID at the end of the URL (following "file/"), and replace the "185667" number in the "Comment on this video" link with that postID
  • Finish up the text portion of your blog post and publish. You're done.


after the upload to revver finishes

  • When the upload has been approved and published
    • click on the thumbnail on the dashboard page
    • copy the video ID, the number following "video/edit/", e.g. 465451
    • update the "Download .MOV" link to the media-info block above that uses the Revver download link. (edit page to view source, and replace the 465451.mov with your videoid.mov )


bliptv suggested improvements

In addition to the above-noted suggestions/bugfixes (to be processed into this list for easy browsing all in one place):

  • add rel="me" to the "Website: " hyperlink on the profile/show page. This helps with identity consolidation for social network portability.


revver suggested improvements

  • the profile page needs to allow for a website URL which should of course be published on the profile page with rel="me" per above suggestion for bliptv.



These used to be in the upload code instructions but blip.tv fixed them.


  • 2007-11-01 (first noticed the fixes)
    • MUST
      • Add alt="Video thumbnail. Click to play." to the img tag for (X)HTML validity
    • SHOULD
      • Add rel="enclosure" to the hyperlink to the .mp4







Originally blogged here: http://tantek.com/log/2007/04.html#d01t2057


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