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be nice


A subproject of the SpreadPositivity project.


A sparse and partial work very much in progress on ways to be nice instead of being not nice. Much of this is admittedly from personal experience (mistakes made, lessons learned, and experienced first hand). Documenting as a reminder.


public publishing

When publishing content to the public web it helps to keep a few things in mind


avoid mean behaviors

(consider moving this to a separate page)

While avoiding (unlearning) a mean behavior is often more difficult than learning a nice behavior, it's still useful to list things to avoid. Much of this has been abstracted/extracted from CommunicationFilters.

  • avoid making personal attacks (especially public), e.g. name-calling (related: TrollTaxonomy)
  • avoid being passive aggressive
  • avoid working for companies/organizations that thrive on spreading negativity (like the soon to be defunct online site VW).



When you make a mistake, especially by (hopefully unintentionally) being mean, admit to it and genuinely apologize.


be forgiving

Everybody makes mistakes. If someone makes a mistake, and then:

a) owns up to it / takes responsibility

b) apologies (publicly if the mistake was public)

then forgive them and move on.


If they repeat this behavior, consider simply incrementally distancing yourself from them in order to reduce the impact on you from their attack/apology cycle.



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