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Bug Reports

My record of bugs I've found. I need to find some way of reporting these to the appropriate people in charge or coding who can fix them. Or I could just wait for them to find them on the Web. See also FeatureRequests.


Must Fix

These are actual bugs in existing features in products/services that I use. Fixing them would make the product(s) that I already use better. Flat listing by product/service name (alphabetical), sorted by date within each.


Apple products

iTunes 7.6

  • 2008-04-09 as twittered: iTunes 7.6 seems to freak out and beachball-lockup if an audio CD has the *slightest* glitch. You have to force-quit and then relaunch iTunes and hope it doesn't lockup again. PowerBook 12" 1.5GHz G4 1.25GB RAM, OSX 10.4.11.


OS X 10.7 Lion

  • Migration Assistant from Time Machine backup from OS X 10.6.x Snow Leopard fails to transfer:
    • Image Capture preferences (as noted)
      • per device "Import To:" folder
      • "Connecting this iPod opens:" which application (was Image Capture and "none" showed up)
      • "Connecting this camera op..." which application
        • Also note UI bug of truncating "opens" to "op...".
    • Developer Tools (cvs etc.) (as noted)
    • iTunes preferences: iTunes Library Name
    • Safari ClickToFlash plugin. Had to go reinstall it via the Preferences
  • Full screen functionality broke (regressed) on second monitors (as noted)


Blackberry 8700c















  • Flickr Uploadr v 2.3.1

    • 2007-07-21 unexpectedly quit while uploading 42 images, network was slow / bogging down.
      • EXPECTED: no application should EVER unexpectedly quit.
    • 2007-07-21 14/42 photos were uploaded, but not given tags.
      • EXPECTED: each photo should be tagged WHEN uploaded so that if the upload is interrupted, for ANY reason (e.g. network outage, power outage, application bug that unexpectedly quits etc.), then photos that did manage to get uploaded have their tags set properly.
    • 2007-07-25 added "(null)" as a tag to one/some of the photos that was uploaded.
      • EXPECTED: no random tag pollution by the app.
      • See my null tag for the photos which the Uploadr errantly added the "(null)" tag, in particular this recent photo where I first noticed it.
    • 2007-10-20 requires app restart if network unavailable This is a real pain. If you forget to reconnect to a network, and you've loaded up a bunch of photos to upload, tagged them, and then click "Upload" - it tells you there was a problem with the network, to quit and try again, which of course loses all the work you put into tagging the photos. Expected behavior - just note that the network appears to be unavailable and to check connections and try again, WITHOUT having to quit and reopen the application.
  • Flickr Uploadr v3.0 Beta 2

    • (related: UpgradesToAvoid)
    • 2007-11-24 regression: 2x slower to "load" 58 photos. seems A LOT slower than Flickr Uploadr v2.3.1 to load photos and show thumbnails. Seems to take about 3 seconds per ~1MB 5MP photo on iBook G4. Just tried loading the photos in v2.3.1 and it took about 1.5 seconds per ~1MB 5MP photo on iBook G4. Same photos, same machine, same OS. In addition, the "creating thumbnails" progress bar in v2.3.1 was very nice as it gave you a decent feeling of how much longer it was going to take.
    • 2007-11-24 regression: "all photos" tags lost. When you select all photos to set tags on all of them, and then unselect, and then reselect, the tags don't show up in the "Add tags" field. This used to work in v2.
    • 2007-11-24 regression: photo upload progress indicators missing. The progress bar that used to show each photo as it was being uploaded is missing, as well as the number of kbytes uploaded, both of which provided much better progress status than just the rotating blue pink balls. This was much better in v2.


Google Groups





  • 2007-07-27 Reorder starts with 0 copies.
    • If you go to Your orders and then click "Reorder" (then "Get Started") on an order where you uploaded a single image, it puts you on the "Crop your photos page" with the one image showing, but with the text "You will get 0 copies of this one." above it.
    • EXPECTED: "You will get 100 copies of this one.".
    • WORKAROUND: Check and then uncheck the checkbox " Don't use this photo" just below the image, and the text will be magically corrected to "You will get 100 copies of this one.".




  • 2007-07-27 MOO / PayPal workflow disallows more than one order ever to the same "GIFT" address.
    • When you reach the "Payment" page in the order process on Moo.com, select the radio button "(*) Pay via PayPal or these cards" and click "Continue on PayPal >".
    • Log In to PayPal.
    • Note that you are now on a PayPal.com page that says "MOO Print Ltd." at the top and then "Review Your Information".
    • Note that your "Shipping Address:" is the same as your billing address for your default PayPal credit card.
    • Click the "Change" link in the "Shipping Address:" section.
    • You should now be a on page that again says "MOO Print Ltd." at the top but "Add Shipping Address" below that and "Enter Address Information" below that.
    • Choose the radio button "(*) Gift Address" and enter a name for a gift address (the specific name doesn't matter).
    • Now enter into Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State, ZIP Code the *exact* same address as you have entered before in this form.
    • Click the "Add" button at the bottom.
      • If you haven't done this before, do it once, cancel the order, and do it again.
    • Now PayPal will take you back to the aforementioned "Review Your Information" page with one change, there is a yellow background warning box at the top that states: "This address has already been entered for your PayPal account." and your "Shipping Address:" has been reset to the billing address for your default PayPal credit card. As this is all happening on PayPal.com's site, I am reporting this bug against PayPal.
    • EXPECTED: No yellow warning box, no stupid complaint about an address already entered for my PayPal account (why should that matter?), just use the information I gave, and properly update the "Shipping Address:" section accordingly.
    • POSSIBLE WORKAROUND: Go to your Street Address page in your PayPal profile and delete the GIFT address, and then retry doing the order. That should theoretically work.




See PBWikiBugReports (had to create a separate page because a) there were too many bugs, and specifically b) one of those bugs was the regression from 1.0 where headings no longer have ID permalinks that you can reference with a fragment identifier.)





  • 2007-08-07 as twittered: please send only one "is now following you" email notification per follower per 24hrs. kthxbai.
    • 2008-??-?? appears to be fixed. Has been a long time since I have seen this problem.




  • 2008-09-10 unable to delete tags added by others on my events (tweeted 2008-09-10).
    • BUG: The London microformats meetup on 9/9 event was given the tag "stopwiththestupidtags" by someone and I want to delete it, but there is no [x] delete box next to it.
    • EXPECTED: As the creator of an event, I expect [x] delete boxes next to every tag and every group on events I create.
    • IN ADDITION: Others' tagging of my events should show up in my Upcoming activity page noting who added the tag(s). (Flickr supports this, Consumating supported this)
    • DELETING TAGS: When deleting the tag I should be able to:
      • block that tag from ever being added to that event (Consumating supported this)
      • block that tag from ever being added to ANY events I create
      • block that USER from ever tagging on any events I create (Flickr supports this, Consumating supported this)
  • 2008-12-22
    • as tweeted - problems with private events, they don't show up in lists where they should!
      • Please show private events I attended in My Scrapbook.
      • On profile pages of friends who friend me, show private events that they created, and private events that they are attending that I also have permission to view.


Yahoo Instant Messager


  • 2008-01-30 YIM spim - two things:
    • 1. YIM is the only IM service where I get spim. Why is that Yahoo?
    • 2. The YIM preference "Ignore anyone who is not on my Messenger List" setting should be kept on the *server*, not (just) in the (YIM) client so that spim is blocked before it ever gets to my machine.




Non-critical bugs that are annoying or just stupid.

Apple products


MacBook EFI Firmware Update 1.2


  • Please post the instructions for every firmware update on a web-page. E.g. I posted the 1.2 instructions here for my own convenience: MacBookFirmwareUpdateInstructions



There are plenty of products which are so broken due to bugs (including bad design) that I refuse to use them.

Note: this is list of FAR from comprehensive. Just documenting things as I run into them and drop/delete them.

Apple products


Apple MacBook Air

See separate page on why the MacBookAirSucks.

Apple iPhoto



Microsoft Products


Microsoft Messenger

Version: MacOS X v6.0.3

  • Too slow to login in the native app (MacOS X v6.0.3). Compare to Adium (a 3rd party app even!) logging into GTalk, AIM, or YIM.
  • No support for Jabber. Google (GTalk) supports the Jabber open standard, isn't that enough incentive to at least match that functionality?
  • No support for groups (on MacOSX). Sorry, gotta keep up with everyone else here.
  • Gives error message "Too Many Groups" in Adium. The open source Adium client on Mac has implemented what your Mac folks have been unable to. And yet, Adium has exposed a limitation in your backend/API compared to other services (AIM, YIM, GTalk) which have no problems with the number of groups I have in my Adium contact list. Again, gotta keep up.


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