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Denial of Productivity Attack


Similar in nature to a Denial of Service attack (AKA DoS attack), the Denial of Productivity Attack (AKA DoP attack) is any method employed that keeps a person, group, community or other set of humans busy in such a way as to prevent them from being productive in the tasks that they have prioritized for themselves.


For example, the actions of a bureaucracy troll are essentially a DoP attack on active individuals in a community, and thus the community itself.


Previous references

I have not found any literal references to "Denial of Productivity Attack" thus I believe I am the first to use that precise phrase.


Here are previous references to "denial of productivity" which clearly indicate the same or a similar concept and thus deserve recognition. emphasis added.


  • 2001-10-24 unisog mailing list: WHICH IS CHEAPER IN THE LONG RUN, WINDOWS OR UNIX? by Wayne Wilson:

    Denial of Productivity. Yes, because that's the tradeoff the current PC model has presented us in the era of the Internet.

    Every probe, every attack that we have to respond to irregardless of whether that attack or probe succeeded or had any chance of success, is a denial of productivity.

  • 2005-11-22 Slashdot comment by OakDragon (885217) : "...a DoPE attack, or 'Denial of Productivity for Employer.'"
  • 2006-01 The goals of therapeutic work: deficit correction or development promotion by Fiammetta Giovagnoli: "She could be in relation with someone else only if he/she would think and feel like her. Controlling the other results in the denial of productivity." - with no other reference to "denial of productivity" in this website, it's not clear what this psychobabble refers to. To the subject "denying" themselves productivity perhaps? If so, then this does not mean what I mean by "denial of productivity".




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