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Feature Requests


Feature Requests that I have made on other products, software, web sites etc.


in general


battery powered USB devices

  • 2007-07-22 As twittered: Any device that 1) has USB interface, 2) runs on battery(s), SHOULD be USB-rechargeable. e.g.:digital cameras, laptops, etc.


specific products

Flat listing by product (alphabetical), sorted by date.



So much of Brightkite feels like an overdesigned step backwards. In short, the Brightkite folks need to take a good look at the (4+ years older!) Dodgeball design and simply copy all the great features that made so many of us avid Dodgeball users (e.g. check out the Dodgeball txting syntax). In particular:

  • multiaction text interfaces (SMS, email)
    • 2008-10-24 @location ! note. as twittered: Please support the "@location ! note" combined syntax so I can checkin and post a note with a single txt or email. Dodgeball has supported this for quite some time, please support it as well! Thanks!
  • user generated venues database - private placemarks are insufficient.
    • 2009-02-25 @anywhere user generated venues - see Dodgeball. I should be able to check in @ anywhere and if anywhere is undefined or not in the database, I should be able to (later) create the venue and have it be a shared resource. (originally posted to Twitter or Brightkite sometime in 2008 - can't find original permalink)
  • sets
    • 2009-02-25 let me create / manage sets of people, perhaps by tagging them (the set management web UI in Dodgeball is a bit cumbersome - so don't copy that part, just let me tag people).
      • "setname @ location" - send a checkin only to people in set setname
      • "setname ! note" - send a shout/note only to people in set setname
      • "setname @ location ! note" - check in and send a note only to people in set setname
  • rel-me support on profile pages
    • 2009-04-23 on profile pages like http://brightkite.com/people/tek/ hyperlinks to "Website:" and "Elsewhere:" sites need to have rel="me" added to them, and NO rel="nofollow"!



  • Flickr Organizer
    • 2007-07-21 as twittered: Drag & drop reorder photos in your stream. ONLY WORKAROUND: delete all photos from most recent to oldest one in stream you want to reorder & reupload them in the order you want them.
    • 2007-07-22 as twittered: Drag & drop reorder your photos submitted to a group. ONLY WORKAROUND: delete all photos from most recent to oldest one in group you want to reorder & re-add them to the group in the order you want them.
  • Upcoming
    • 2007-07-24 Perhaps Upcoming could add a "(*) I'm crashing" option to limited attendance events after attendance quota has filled up? Per my comment on this event.



  • Delegation auto-discovery improvement:
    • 2008-01-13 noted to David Recordon in person at OpenIDDevCamp
    • openid delegation auto-discovery improvement as an openid 1.0 consumer
      • if there is no openid.server at the provided OpenID URL
      • then go to the openid.delegate
      • and look for the openid.server link tag there, and use that.
    • this enables reducing the delegation auto-discovery setup to a single line of code <link rel="openid.delegate" href="/..." /> which makes it just that much easier, lowering the barrier even further to people setting up their own blog or site as their OpenID.
  • OpenID provider list wiki page improvements:
    • 2008-01-13 noted: update the wiki list of OpenID providers to list those supporting hCard profiles in a separate section at the top, and with hCard/microformats icons in the comprehensive list, similar to how the list of hCard supporting user profiles lists those that also provide OpenIDs first before the comprehensive list, which uses an OpenID icon next to those that provide OpenID as well.





  • 2007-07-30 Blocked people should not get to favorite your tweets. If you block someone, anything of yours that they favorited should disappear from their favorites. Note that Flickr treats "block" this way - all your photos disappear from their favorited photos when you block someone. (requested to Britt S. 2007-07-30).
  • 2009-06-22 Undo tweet. ~5 second delay on posting tweets so you can undo a tweet. (requested to Doug Bowman 2009-06-22.) Referenced below-mentioned 60 second delay on posting updates idea originally posted 2008-10-25.

Other folks' Twitter feature requests:



  • 2008-10-25 optional 60 second delay on posting updates! more: optional 60 second (adjustable) delay/cancelability before posting non-@-reply public updates. as twittered.


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