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Food Preferences


General food preferences

My food preferences are Pescetarian in general.


In short I'm usually ok with anything vegetarian or with fish or shellfish,

EXCEPT: No goat or sheep cheese. Goat dairy in particular makes me extremely nauseous (almost an allergic reaction).


I like in particular


I dislike and avoid

I strongly prefer avoiding the following foods:

  • goat or sheep cheeses - the flavor is too strong/overwhelming (obliterates the taste of anything else in the food), and on occasion has made me nauseous.
  • feta cheese - also typically too strong a flavor, though if very fresh and in small amounts I have found it barely tolerable
  • eggplant - most restaurants/people have no idea how properly prepare eggplant and thus it is almost always too bitter. note: you have to cut eggplant and salt it for at least an hour before cooking in order to remove (most of) the bitterness.


Specific restaurants

Here are some of my preferred orders at various restaurants.



Breakfast Burrito

  • made with "Spanish Omelette" option (scrambled eggs, cheese, mushroom, bell pepper)
  • occasional variants:
    • "Huevos a la Mexicana" option (scrambled eggs, tomato, and onion)
    • soyrizo con huevo (not on their explicit list but they'll make it because they have a chorizo con huevo)
  • black beans
  • whole wheat (or tomato) tortilla (healthier than white tortilla)
  • no rice (avoid white rice)
  • lettuce + tomato (in the form of salsa)
  • avocado


Jamba Juice

All fruit smoothies

  • original size
  • substitute orange juice for any apple-strawberry juice
  • protein boost




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