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grocery list


One of the keys to BodyOptimization is eating as optimally as you can, which almost always involves cooking for yourself (whether calorie counting, or optimizing dietary consumption for performance and strength maintenance/gain, e.g. a high protein diet - see BodyOptimizationTechniques for more).


Regularly stocking commonly used groceries at home lowers the barrier to cooking.


Items that frequently go on my shopping list:



  • fresh fish, most often wild salmon, wild tuna, red snapper, tilapia (in approximately that order)
  • eggs - preferably local, vegan/grass fed
  • very firm tofu - preferably organic high protein
  • spinach
  • carrots
  • mushrooms
  • tomatoes - preferably on the vine / organic
  • broccoli
  • zucchini
  • garlic - whole cloves
  • onions - yellow onions are fine for cooking
  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • bananas
  • grapefruits
  • grapefruit juice - preferably in a recyclable container, e.g. Odwalla jugs
  • orange juice - preferably in a recyclable container, e.g. Odwalla jugs
    • tangerine juice is a good once in a while substitute
  • Pacific Soy plain light soy milk 1.9L cartons - apparently only available at Rainbow Grocery
  • Clif Builder's chocolate protein bar - preferably by the box
  • Stash lemon ginger or Stash Premium organic lemon ginger green tea
  • Cholula hot sauce - hard to find, possible locations:
    • PW Supermarkets +1.408.255.2100, 20620 Homestead Rd (near De Anza) Cupertino (according to http://www.cholula.com store locator). 2009-093 called them, they have 5oz bottles for $3.99.
  • organic olive oil
  • lemon pepper


Trader Joe's specialty items

Trader Joe's stocks a number of items that few if any other grocery stores stock, thus it's worth keeping them in a separate list:

  • Asian style mixed frozen vegetables - seriously, that's what they call them. yay for water chestnuts!
  • organic foursome frozen vegetables
  • frozen organic corn - corn on the cob is just not very userfriendly, to cook, or to eat (who wants corn bits stuck between their teeth?)
  • frozen organic peas
  • Thai yellow curry sauce - in small bottles
  • Korma simmer sauce - in small jars
  • Masala simmer sauce - in small jars
  • Thai green curry sauce - in small jars
  • Thai red curry sauce - in small jars
  • chewable vitamin C


other grocery store items

Non food items I find myself regularly buying:



Once you know what groceries you regularly consume, you can optimize by subscribing to a grocery delivery service (which often has additional benefits such as lower cost, more local sourcing, more chance of being organic, etc.)


See GrocerySubscription for more.


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