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Page history last edited by Tantek 11 years, 1 month ago

House Pet Exceptions


One of my HouseRules is no pets due to past bad experiences with other people's pets (OPP) emitting bad smells, shedding, peeing, throwing up, and crapping, and the respective time and money cost and inconveniences for cleanup. I don't even want to deal with the stress of the possibility of your pet making a mess.


However there are a couple of exceptions that take more than one line of inline text to explain.


  1. self-contained / sealed. If you transport your pet in a self-contained / sealed container, you may bring it inside. no you may not let the dog(s)/cat(s) out.
  2. white list. There may be one or more pets that I have found to be *extremely* well behaved, and they have been through "trial" visits and passed 100%. Thus they have permission to visit.
    1. Cindy (of @katherine and @tony)
    2. Funston


And that's it. For now I'm refraining listing the pets that (a) have caused damage (even repairable/cleanable damage) to Port Zero, or (b) have caused damage to other friends houses, but the owners know who they are.


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