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Port Zero House Rules


  1. No shoes. Please remove your shoes at the top of the stairs.
  2. No smoking. If you must, please smoke outdoors, away from doors and any open windows.
  3. No illegal drugs. If you partake of such things, please do so off the premises and downwind.
  4. No pets*. If you have pet, please leave it at home. Your pet may be awesome to you, and I might trust you, but I don't trust your pet to behave in my house. This is due to past bad experiences with other people's pets (OPP) emitting bad smells, shedding, peeing, throwing up, and crapping, and the respective time and money cost and inconveniences for cleanup, repair, replacement of damaged areas and items. *There is a short list of HousePetExceptions.
  5. No VW (See TxtShorthands). No one related to VW (past or present) is allowed on the premises, and discussions related to VW are strongly discouraged. Let's focus on the positive rather than the poisonous.
  6. No thieves or known thief clusters - AKA only bring people you trust completely, otherwise you risk not being invited back. If you or a friend(boyfriend,girlfriend) you bring to a party at any my friends' places are known to have stolen something from that party, neither you nor your friend are ever welcome in my house. Example: person A brings person B (who no one else knows) to person C's party. Something is stolen from the party and it had to have been either person A or person B. Person A and person B are now banned. Yes this has happened — specific example from 2008 removed.

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