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Marc Canter

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 11 months ago

Marc Canter


Marc Canter is known for his prolific writings over the years, pushing for open standards, platforms, APIs, and questioning those who push or support silos and closed systems.


I commend Marc for his positive efforts in those pursuits, and continue to hope that he focuses on them as well, as they strongly overlap with many of my efforts, such as microformats and open data formats in general. I actually see a lot of potential for cooperation and even collaboration as clearly we are pursuing similar interests.



All mentions of me by Marc from 2007-12-03 thru the present (at least 2008-10-20) have been positive or neutral at worst. This is a good pattern of behavior and deserves to be acknowledged.


Due to this improved pattern of behavior, I consider Marc a former troll, and current professional colleague. I hope our respective efforts in the area of open standards development can interoperate and enable each other.



Marc's most recent mentions/encounters were positive and thus are listed first.


  • 2008-10-20 Marc moderated the "Open API/microformats" panel at the San Francisco Music Technology Summit and treated me (and everyone else on the panel, in the audience) with a high level of respect.


  • 2008 ~ Mark's book in progress "Open Mesh" mentions me positively.


  • 2007-12-03 #3 with a bullet on Techmeme and we’re in theTimesofIndia ( emphasis added )

    New efforts by Chris Messina, Brad Fitzpatrick, Dick Hardt, Dave Winer, David Recordon, Dare Obasanjo, Hooman Radfar, Tantek Celik [sic], Joseph Smarr, OpenSocial, Facebook and others have exhilarated me to new levels - knowing that our PeopleAggregator platform would benefit from all their hard work.



In the past, before 2007 December:


WARNING: This page contains documentation about unpleasant behaviors on the internet. Prepare yourself and your emotions accordingly before proceeding.


Unfortunately Marc has in the past been an ad hominem troll towards me and others. Such behavior is not only unacceptable but unbecoming of someone as influential, experienced, and well-known as Marc and thus I am documenting it until such time as he chooses to stop (appears to have happened as of 2007-12-03 see above), retract his ad hominem attacks, and apologize to those he has attacked.


Most recent first:


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