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Parked Projects


Projects that I don't expect to get to anytime soon. Ideas that I've had about things I'd like to build but expect that I very well never get to them.



Every idea/project mentioned here is free for you to use/implement/etc. under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license (CC-by-3.0). If you do so, please note attribution as "idea from Tantek Çelik <http://tantek.com>" for implementations, and for incorporations into other products, please attribute as "some ideas from Tantek Çelik <http://tantek.com>".


In otherwords, please feel free to implement, sell, profit off of anything listed here. I just want these ideas/projects/features to exist.




"Now Playing"


iTunes Feature


(I should probably move this to FeatureRequests).


Ideally this would be a feature in iTunes:


Person A (the DJ) turns on sharing in their network capable music playing software/device (e.g. iTunes).


Person B (the listener) uses their network capable music playing software/device to locate Person A's shared music, selects it, twiddles it open to see their list of playlists etc., and notices a special one at the top called "Now Playing...".


Double clicking that starts streaming the exact music that Person A is listening to, in realtime. If Person A changes the track, Person B gets the new track as well. Etc.


Script implementation


However it might be possible to build this as an AppleScript.


Person A (the DJ) turns on sharing in their network capable music playing software/device (e.g. iTunes) and sets their IM status to be the "current track" that they are listening to.


Person B (listener) launches an AppleScript that makes a list of all people that are sharing their iTunes and also goes thru their buddy list and makes a list of people that are showing what music they are listening to.


If possible it produces an intersection of those two lists as just a list of people whose music you can follow.


If not you have to pick from each list (maybe easier for a first implementation).


The script then:

  1. plays the song listed in person A's IM status from person A's shared iTunes collection
  2. watches the IM status like once every second, and when it changes to a new track, changes the local iTunes to play that new track.


The only question is whether all that info is available to get/set/change via AppleScript which unfortunately I doubt because AppleScript, and AppleScript support is SO LAME. (Insert rant about wishing there were better ways to automate user-interface actions in MacOS applications, i.e. NO ONE knows applescript well. It is the WORST programming language bar none. I'm pretty sure I have a proof for that somewhere and I am an *expert* HyperTalk programmer which is perhaps the *closest* language to AppleScript. The only way to really program applescript is to look for a script close to what you want on the web, and then modify it it is pretty much impossible to write a script from scratch. I've even written several AppleScripts, I think even published a few.)

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