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Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 11 months ago

Restore Motorcycle 2007


A few months ago: 2007-07-23+Yamaha+FZR400+motorcycle+stolen.


Now the task at hand is to repair/restore the remaining minor broken/cosmetic details that make sense to repair.



  1. fix all safety functionality related equipment
  2. fix minor obvious cosmetic details
  3. figure out longer term vision for what to do with the bike, perhaps make it a project bike / platform for all the technology-enhanced-motorcycle things I've wanted to do for the past many years, like: onboard computer with bluetooth & wifi, GPS, GPS transmission, remote disabling / tracking, perhaps built-in EVDO for always-on internet presence, its own webserver, headlight cam, tail cam, side cam etc.

Things to fix

  • use hair dryer to heat and remove stickers on side fairings
  • new clutch lever
  • turn signals
  • new license plate
  • new seat lock
  • new helmet lock
  • ...

The Damage

It's useful to at least document the full extent of what the thieves fracked up to put the remaining repairs/restoration in context. From my cursory review at the repair shop and upon returning home:


  • lower front/primary fairing
  • windshield
  • stuff under the seat
    • mini toolset
    • mini owner's manual
    • previous registration/insurance (note: this is a good reason why I have a POBox and register everything using that rather than my residence address - I don't want the thieves knowing where I live etc so they can try to steal the bike again or do some other damage)
  • headlights
  • one headlight mount and socket
  • license plate
  • helmet lock

heavily modified

  • front fairing painted gray / dull silver
  • rearview mirrors frame, gas tank, engine, side/rear fairings painted black
  • one big sticker applied on each side fairing
  • seat has been wrapped completely with black duct tape


  • clutch lever twisted (from apparent dropping of bike most likely)
  • front fairing and turn signals cracked (from apparent dropping of bike most likely)
  • lock on gas tank
  • lock on seat

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