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Snowcrash Technology


In 1992, the book "Snowcrash" introduced numerous elements of fictional (some seemingly impossible) technologies. It appears that some of these are becoming real. All page number references are from paperback edition, 1993.


Wearable airbag protection


p.270-271 mentions: "A full black overall ... with ... airbags around the neck."

Current technology:


Diamond Age Technology


Published in 1995, "Diamond Age" described numerous technologies based cheap/ubiquitous nanotechnology. The key device in the book, the "Young Lady's Illustrated Primer", contained numerous technologies itself.


Perhaps the most interesting is its software, which trained the user, through simulated game-play, how to cope with real world (even real time) problems.


There is documentation for an instance of such training by World of Warcraft:


  • Norwegian Boy saves Sister from Moose Attack using World of Warcraft Skills
    • "When the moose attacked them, Hans knew the first thing he had to do was ‘taunt’ and provoke the animal so that it would leave his sister alone and she could run to safety. ‘Taunting’ is a move one uses in World of Warcraft to get monsters off of the less-well-armored team members. ¶ Once Hans was a target, he remembered another skill he had picked up at level 30 in ‘World of Warcraft’ – he feigned death. The moose lost interest in the inanimate boy and wandered off into the woods."


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