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SXSW 2008 Proposal Communication Protocols


Summary: Stop emailing and be more productive

See 2008 SXSW Interactive Panel Picker for Stop E-Mailing and Be More Productive.



  • confirmed: Sean Bonner, Tantek Çelik, Ariel Waldman
  • invited: Robert Scoble
  • hopeful / tentative: Tim Ferriss, Micki Krimmel



Source: CommunicationProtocols

  • Information overload / input overload / social overload
  • Prioritization
  • Efficiency
  • prefered means of contact
  • ignoring contacts - worst case?
  • instant vs delayed
  • leading the way to change - top down
  • how a simple 10-15 minute face to face meeting (or even phone call) can save you from hours of emailing back and forth


SXSW proposal form

  1. Who are You? In 50 words or less, please tell us who you are and why you are qualified to organize this session. Please also give us the best URL for us to link to on the Panel Picker. Tantek Çelik, microformats.org co-founder and former Technorati Chief Technologist. http://tantek.com/
  2. Tentative Title for the Session. Please limit this title to seven words or less. Catchy titles are always good. Stop emailing and be more productive (other possibilities: Why you should never e-mail me again , Stop reading e-mail and be more productive , Don't bother e-mailing me, I won't read it , 101 reasons never to look at e-mail again)
  3. 50-Word Description. What is the focus of this session? Please make your description as specific as possible within this 50-word framework. People generally assume that the best way to contact anyone in 2007 is by e-mail, though for a growing number of people this is far from the case. This panel will discuss a handful of better ways to communicate with people that require less time and provide better results. (49 words)
  4. Three Takeaways. In 50 words or less, list three information-points that attendees will learn from your session. Attendees will learn: 1) Why e-mail is the least effective way to communicate with someone. 2) What works for one person is not automatically what works for someone else. 3) Success stories: how different mixes of wikis, instant messaging, texting, and phone calls can eliminate email overload.
  5. Solo Presentation or Panel Format. Is this session a solo presentation (just you) or a panel (three or four speakers, plus a moderator)? Panel Format
  6. Other Speakers for the Session. If this proposal is intended to be a panel, who are other potential speakers you would want to include on the panel? Please try to be realistic with your answer -- although realize this is a blue-sky type question (and you do not need to have formally confirmed these names at this stage of the game) Sean Bonner (Metroblogging co-founder / Internet Trouble Maker), Tim Ferriss (Author "The 4-Hour Work Week''), Micki Krimmel, Ariel Waldman
  7. Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. What level of audience expertise on the given topic is this session geared to? (Submissions that are geared to "all levels" will be marked as "Beginner" on the Panel Picker interface). Intermediate
  8. Technical or Philosophical. Will this session focus on code and other technical matters? Or will it be geared more to philosophical ideas and concepts? philosophical ideas and concepts
  9. Category of the Session. From the list of categories below, please select the one that most closely matches the focus of the session you have proposed. If none match your idea, please categorize as "miscellaneous." Social

email proposals to: interpanels at sxsw.com


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