Track Profile Updates


As I recently had an occupational change (stepped down as Technorati's Chief Technologist on 2007-07-13), I'm now having to update related information wherever my profile is posted/documented. I'm keeping track of this and how tedious/ridiculous it is when all this information is already captured in digital form in the hopes that this data will help me design a solution to the "update all your profiles when you have life changes" problem.


Changed info as of 2007-07-14

per hCard/vCard vocabulary:


Profiles to update

An incomplete list to be sure, more as I think of them. Places I may need to update online:


Updated profiles

A list of places I've had to update my profiles, along with notes about what I had to update, how much hCard (in or out) support there was etc.


Next Steps

As I'm completing this real world example of background research into profile updating, I'd like to develop one or more tools/services to help automate this in the future.


The ideal would be that I could update my profile information in one place, and have it automatically pushed out (perhaps at a certain datetime in the future) to all of my online profiles that have that information.


It would be nice if that update also notified people that both themselves wanted to be notified and that I was ok with notifying of the updates to my profile information.

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