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Transparent Society


Many of us deep in the core of this bubble within a bubble within a bubble that is better known as "Web 2.0" are publishing increasing amounts of details about our lives, in real time on blogs, photo sites, videos etc. Is this merely a local short term phenomenon, or are we pioneers on the bleeding edge of a more transparent society?




That help make it easier to be more transparent.


  • http://dodgeball.com/ - Where are you? location/venue checkin and tagging
    • Google is apparently going to shut it down. Why not leave it in their "labs" as they do so many other things?
  • http://plazes.com/ - Where are you? wifi hotspot checkin and tagging
    • Multiple critical mistakes. They broke backward compat in their proprietary checkin protocol/API with their small/fast check-in application. They removed the leaderboard/gaming/competitive aspect of wifi hotspot tagging with one of their massive design iterations.


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