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  • What: Valentines Commons 2009
  • When: 2009-02-14 20:00...02:00 (probably starting about 30 minutes after the SF Pillow Fight Club.)
  • Where: Port Zero
  • Tags: valentinescommons2009, valentinescommons09, valentinescommons
  • Who: Let's start simple. Do I know you (reasonably) well? Do you like to BeNice and BeMature? Ok with the HouseRules? Then add your name, and (optionally) a dish for the white/red/pink/black themed potluck dinner, plus a drink to share! Got a novel idea to suggest? See the next section.
    • Tantek Çelik - spicy red curry with vegetables and tofu - bottle of champagne
    • Ariel Waldman (w/ Doc Pop) - bottle of wine
    • Eran Globen (maybe) - If I do make it expect a chocolate and beer pairing (because combining disinhibitors and aphrodisiacs is fun!).
    • Morgan Sherwood (w/ Erich Newell) - chocolate chiffon cupcakes with butter cream frosting
    • Kara Murphy - a bottle of good red vino and hummus with pita chips
    • Karen Nguyen (w/ her hot hot self) - Uncertain. perhaps flourless chocolate cupcakes or sliced fruit. sexy sliced fruit, and also a few bottles of wine/campaign.
    • Micah Snyder (w/ Jessica Fink) - Custom drinks: The Valentines Come-on
    • Laura Gluhanich (post-pillow-fight) Wine, strawberries & cream
    • Eddie Codel (w/Maria P) - food TBD, maybe some Chimay Red.
    • Joshua Lane - Sorry, can't make it anymore, too much work to do for the big Virb 2 launch :(
    • Lindsay Eyink - Champagne, yet-to-be-determined food stuffs
    • edit-- Brett and Colleen TBD, figuring out plans!
    • Ron Gorodetzky (maybe) - I'll bring cheap champaign and strawberries if I can make it
    • Matt Nuzzaco - vino!
    • katherine k robinson - chocolate peanut butter cream cheese cupcakes ( with tony & amit & nattles, eventually ! )



See ValentinesCommonsIdeas.



See ValentinesCommons2009Supplies


thanks to creative commons for logo and lifestyle inspirations


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