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TRON Betrayal errata

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TRON Betrayal errata

Greetings programs!


The following is errata for the graphic novel "TRON Betrayal", specifically where it contradicts a more canonical source, like the original TRON movie.


Tantek Çelik, 2010-364



page 7:


  • Flynn found the original grid, didn't create it.
    • graphic novel text says "Flynn's first act was to make light in our world of darkness. He built us, bit by bit."
    • this is incorrect. Flynn created software (among many programmers) in ENCOM's computer system. ENCOM's system pre-existed (per TRON movie, Flynn was hired as a software engineer at ENCOM). Flynn did write *some* of the software for ENCOM's system. In addition to his not-specifically-mentioned normal projects/duties, he wrote video games for Space Paranoids, Matrix Blasters, Vice Squad, a whole slew of them.
    • it is more likely that the character "Walter", one of the founders of ENCOM "in his garage", created the ENCOM system. It is particularly ironic that the graphic novel has "Dumont" reciting this error about the creation of the system, as "Dumont" was created by "Walter" (same actor plays both in the original TRON movie). 
  • There were other "creators".
    • graphic novel text says "Flynn was unlike the other users. He was, and is, a creator."
    • this is only half right, while Flynn was unlike most other users, there were plenty of "creators" (programmers), e.g. Alan Bradley created the TRON program, Lora created YORI, Ed Dillinger created the original MCP (and presumably Sark), Walter created Dumont. Also, in the original TRON movie, the program CROM asks the question, "If I don't have a user, then who wrote me?" implying that his user also was a programmer (creator).
  • Ed Dillinger wrote the Master Control Program (MCP), not Flynn.
    • graphic novel text says "His finest creation, the master control program, rebelled..."
    • Flynn didn't write the MCP. Ed Dillinger did per TRON movie dialog from Ed: "Hey wait a minute, I *wrote* you!" (speaking to the MCP), who then responds "I'VE GOTTEN 2,415 TIMES SMARTER SINCE THEN."
    • again, it is ironic that the program Dumont is reciting this error, as Dumont himself said in the original TRON movie: "I remember the MCP when he was just a chess program. He started small and he'll end small."
    • The MCP didn't rebel against Flynn, but rather, outsmarted its creator, Ed Dillinger, and blackmails him into doing things "in the real world" to help the MCP.


page 12:


  • Flynn helped TRON and RAM escape.
    • graphic novel text says "TRON and RAM helped Flynn out of the games and onto the grid."
    • this is incorrect. Flynn notices the hole in the wall of the lightcycle grid (created when another lightcycle had crashed into it), and rides his lightcycle thru it to escape the lightcycle grid, announcing to TRON and RAM: "I'm getting out of here and you guys are invited."


page 13:


  • Flynn reconstructed a recognizer from a partially derezzed recognizer, not just "scrap"
    • graphic novel text says "Flynn displayed his power and reconstructed a recognizer from scrap."
    • not quite right. Flynn carries RAM and takes refuge in the apparent partially derezzed control module of a recognizer. They appear to take a "nap" (program sleep process?) From there he accidentally sends power into the control module "You see this?", and then gets up and sends more power into the module to rez it back up declaring "Now for some real user power" which lifts the module into the air, and then assembles (nearly all of) the other nearby pieces into place as well. It's likely that this is one of the recognizers that Flynn's original program CLU destroyed with his tank, as after Flynn gets going with the recognizer, a "bit" program comes out of hiding from inside the control module and appears to recognize Flynn: "I'm your program?" "Yes", clearly mistaking him for CLU (since programs look like their programmers inside the grid).
  • TRON asked to speak to "my user", not "the users"
    • graphic novel text says "TRON and YORI came before me, and asked to speak to the users for a way to defeat the MCP."
    • not quite right. TRON asked to speak to "my user" (ALAN1) who has code that "can change the system" and make it so there would be "no MCP looking over your shoulder". Later when communicating with his user he makes it clear he knows the (user)name of his user: "Confirmed ALAN1".




More errata for the graphic novel "TRON Betrayal" as I notice it. -t




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