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San Francisco Cafes


"good seating and coffee seem to be inversely correlated at San Francisco cafes. #sightglass #firstworldproblem" (2011-219)


Good Coffee

  • Haight:
    • Blue Bottle kiosk inside Haight Street Market. Some of the best coffee and friendliest baristas in the entire city that no one knows about.
      • seating: nothing indoor. a coupe of tables outside plus the decent though often full Haight Street Market parklet. Nice on sunny days.
      • no outlets, no wifi.
      • open til 17:00 weekdays, 18:00 weekends.
    • Stanza. Good coffee, stylish interrior
      • seating: decent but minimal, often full.
      • a few outlets, and wifi
  • Mission:
    • Dandelion Chocolate on Valencia st. south of 18th st. - excellent coffee from Four Barrel
      • seating: a few tables and a long bar table near windows
      • couple of outlets, wifi
      • no soy milk
    • Four Barrel on Valencia st. south of 14th st. -  excellent coffee (a few baristas know how to make flat whites)
      • seating: mostly hard awkward chairs at narrow tables, about six seats at European shelf style raised bars at storefront, and two semi-circles of outdoor European shelf style raised standing only bars.
      • No outlets, no hosted wifi (some wifi sometimes from the SFHA projects across the street).
      • Open til 8pm and they'll give you a few minutes to pack-up your things.
      • No soy milk (not even organic. some weird political thing?). Only almond milk.
        • previously: might make the best lattes in SF
    • Ritual Coffee Roasters on Valencia st. south of 21st st. - excellent coffee, a few carbo-snacks.
      • seating: one couch, a few high chairs at a high table (before reconstruction project: three couches and the tables are decent for laptop working.).
      • no outlets, no wifi (before reconstruction project: free wifi, one officially usable outlet.)
      • Nice warm lighting, and it's usually much warmer inside than outside also. Open til 9 or 10pm - changes seasonally and depending on day of the week. Sometimes closes early for special events.
  • SOMA:
    • Sightglass on 7th st. north of Folsom st. - pretty good coffee
      • seating: limited European shelf bar style long tables with bar stools. 
      • No outlets, no wifi


Good Seating

  • Upper Haight:
    • Blue Front Cafe on Haight st. west of Masonic ave.
      • seating: plenty of seating, tables a bit high for laptop work and a bench of soft seating along the wall that sits about 4-5 comfortably. Two tables by the window which are excellent for Haight Street people watching.
      • good wifi, a few clusters of outlets.
      • eats: Great eats (try the Rancheros Wrap with mixed greens instead of potatoes), and Cholula. Drinkable (ok not great) coffee.
      • Typically open til 10pm. 
    • Coffee To The People on Masonic Ave. just south of Haight st.
      • seating: Lots of tables, a long bench against one of the walls, four couches.
      • eats: (used to ~2011 have) very good breakfast sandwiches, decent pastries/cakes, and vegan donuts. Their plain coffee is certainly drinkable. Quite a variety of quirky/creative espresso drinks, as well as more milk alternatives (rice, almond, soy, hazelnut at least) than any other place.
      • Free wifi - fastest cafe wifi I've found in SF. Plenty of outlets.
      • Typically open til sometime between 6-8pm depending on when the new owners feel like closing up.


Some of both

  • Haight:
    • Stanza on Haight street - they make very good Intelligentsia coffee
      • seating: a few nice tables, long bar with seats, good atmosphere.
      • wifi (I think), and very few outlets
  • Mission:
    • Dandelion Chocolate - stealth cafe. Excellent coffee made with Four Barrel coffee
      • a big long table, two small square tables, a bunch of stool seating (window and bar)
      • a couple of nearly hidden outlets
      • soy milk option (which Four Barrel itself does not provide)
      • amazing mochas including soy mochas
  • SOMA:
    • Epicenter on Harrison st. east of 4th st. - 3 couches, nice eats, tasty Barefoot coffee. Wifi is however 1 hour with purchase metered. Plenty of outlets along the wall.



  • Mission:
    • The Summit (CLOSED 2012-01-28) on 780 Valencia st. south of 18th st. - a couple of nice couches, plenty of long shared table space (makes it more social), and a couple of short bars to sit at. Coffee is so-so, not sure how you can screw up Blue Bottle coffee as bad as they do. Free wifi. A few outlets. Typically open til midnight.




Other Cities

New York


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